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Nama means energy, life, wisdom, health and virtue
Nama was established in June 2012 at the most beautiful harbour in Greece, the old harbour of Chania.

Its name is inspired by ancient Greek mythology, where Nama meant running water from sources and rivers, which was a main source of energy, life, wisdom, health and virtue.

Created with care by experienced knowledgeable in order to give a different proposal in all-day fun, but also in the city's gastronomy.

The aim of Nama is the timelessness.
The continuous evolution of its products, at all levels and the full satisfaction of its visitors, is the means to achieve this objective.

Nama is composed of three sub-areas. The interior of the building, outside the building and the pier.

Interior of the building

Inside the building has been created a friendly environment with modern industrial design, but with classic touches that perfectly consistent with the aesthetics and architecture of the location.
It includes areas with comfortable sofas, rotundas tables, particular tables from tree trunks, and two bars mainly for cocktails, drinks and wine.
In all rooms you can enjoy all the products of Nama.
This is suitable for all times of day and in all seasons.

Outside the building

The exterior of the building is located just in front of the two entrances, from the side of the sea and it is five meters far from it.
It consists of sofas, tables and two large tables of tree trunks.
During the summer season a bar is added, which is ideal for cocktails, drinks and wine, overlooking the old harbor and the lighthouse.
The room is surrounded by windows, in the winter, for protection from wind, rain and waves of the sea and heated by stoves.
Therefore it is suitable for all times and seasons.

The pier

The pier is the privileged place of Nama for the summer season and the sunny days of spring and autumn.
It has direct visual contact with the lighthouse and the old port, is in the sea and gives you the feeling that you are in a boat.
It consists of comfortable tables and sofas, offered to enjoy all products in the daytime and in the evening it is mainly used for dinner.
Suitable for the summer season.

All day pleasure. Check out our menu and reserve a table.

We have classified our menu depending on the hours of the day. So check out the menu for the corresponding hours.

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Akti Tompazi 19

Chania | Crete | Greece

2821 008170

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